Saturday, January 23, 2010

日航の破綻と飛行場の数 - JAL Bankruptcy and the Number of Airports



I stopped using JAL years ago because of their poor services, and the blockhead’s bankruptcy looked to me a natural consequence. Does it overlap with the tread of Japan itself sans moving power and vitality?
In a TV program, a commentator said that the number of airports in Japan was not excessive, and so I wanted to find out some facts. Statistically, the countries with abundant airports are USA, Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil: It appeared that the size of the land was one of the essential factors. The number of airports alone did not seem to explain much further, so I picked the number of passengers (in 2005) and also the population in order to get the overall picture how busy and penetrated the airports are in those countries. It could be said that Japan enjoyed the popularity in the same level as UK and Germany, but considering its potential power proportionate to the economy, the situation looked suffering below the level to be satisfied as reflected in those numbers.
Quite possibly, the problem is not in the growing number of local airports that tended to be promoted only by a superficial wisdom to have a solid hardware benefitting constructors, but rather in the governing ability to maximize the airport’s function as a piece of elements to rotated the entire business system of the region. Have you got some ideas, Minister Maehara, as you govern the air business and travels?

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