Sunday, January 31, 2010

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake - 白鳥の湖


Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake is coming back to Japan in June. Their first stage in Japan was in 2002 with The Carman, I saw it at Bunkamura, and I thought the success was limited in contrast to Swan Lake which is already a classic. Swan Lake came to Japan the following year and the tickets were completely sold out.
When I first saw this Swan Lake around 1999-2000 on DVD, it was phenomenally, radically and outrageously an epoch. The dance of swans, male entirely as you may know, exposed the beauty of power. My expectation grows by itself for the new set, but the admission is not cheap. And besides, I will be in Europe most of June, so I may not be able to see it this time.

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