Thursday, January 7, 2010

ノーベル賞コンサート - Nobel Prize Concert


I happened to know that Gardiner conducted Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in Nobel Prize Concert the year before last, and quickly ordered a DVD before the end of the year. The disc reached me yesterday.
Luckily, its region code was “0” and it had 5.1 mix in addition to PCM stereo.
The recording was quite pleasing with transparent details. The audience was properly dressed and among them were the royal people, all of which elevated the atmosphere elegantly. I think Mozart’s C-minor mass conducted by Sir Gardiner is for me since my trip to Alhambra in 2006.
I always think when I hear the passages sung in trio or quartet that Mozart composed this church music with an identical look of the world to operas musically, and it effectively makes the music charming.
I also learned the rumor that the performance by Argerich of Ravel’s concerto in 2009 Concert was highly reputed, and I wish to get the disc when it is released.

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