Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Messiah Concerts - もうひとつのメサイア


The weather is beautifully clear last few days, and the amaryllis in the vase is so vivid.
A friend who came to our concert of Messiah the other day was involved in another Messiah concert, and in turn today we went to Ueno. The premise was the large hall and the number of chorus members was also large, close to 300! The forte passages were indeed loud, and the phrases were pronounced clear enough indicating their repeated training. On the other hand, the performance tended to lack the subtle nuances.
NHK Broadcast Satellite recently featured a program of Messiah, and the story proceeded around the performance of Bach Collegium Japan. Comparing these performances including ours, it is definitely advantageous to invite solo singers from overseas that often help the problem of language. The TV program very briefly showed our concert scene, and they interviewed someone I know well.

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