Friday, December 17, 2010

Toronto - トロントへ



I arrived at Toronto where the temperature was below zero and I feel like truly in the north.
I took the new Skyliner from Nippori to Narita Airport. For a while, I had no idea why this express train could be faster running on the same track, but after 20 minutes or so, the rail looked like renewed with a seamless and more linear line, and the train was quite smooth and comfortable as it accelerated its speed. The both sides of the tracks are still being expanded, and I guess they will someday complete this route into a 4-track line.
At the airport, I found a pair of economical room socks at MUJI for 525 yen, and they are useful in the flight and in the hotel room.
The flight was delayed by 2 hours due to the late carrier arrival from Canada. The gate staff of Air Canada was slow informing the schedule updates, and did not care about controlling and guiding the line of passengers waiting for boarding at all. The crews in the flight had no intimacy in communication but simply doing the minimum service. My local friend told me that they were merged with Canadian Air that eliminated the competitive sense to result in their poor service regretfully.

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