Friday, December 3, 2010

庭の出来事 – something happened in my garden

今日は朝から暴風雨状態だ。ここは海に近いせいか元々風は強いのだが、今朝はギアがもう1-2段上がったような突風が吹いて、庭にあったものはあらかた吹き飛ばされてしまった。プラスチック製で軽いRashidの椅子OH Chairは2mくらい先に寝転がっており、愛用していたdriade MIRTOの丸テーブルなんかどうやって飛んだのだろう、塀を越えて道路に落ちたので見るも無惨に壊れてしまった。


Stormy wind and rain this morning. Because it is relatively close to the beach, the wind tends to blow strong here, but it was one or two steps up this morning and it looked violent. Evidently, everything in my garden was blown. I saw Karim Rashid’s OH Chairs (plastic and light) laying down a few meters away, and my favorite round table of driade MIRTO went out of the fence down to the road, and miserably broken completely. I have no idea how a table could fly such a distance!

My wife started the maintenance of this garden the other day. The heavy works such as removing part of wooden deck, rearranging the soil and planting some trees were done by a local gardener. The trees she chose were a feijoa, a yuzu citrus, and a couple of blueberries, all with the hopeful harvest of fruits some day. She then bought variety of young plants and soils, and worked on them in the weekend. I had no idea what they were.

The order I received from her was to repaint the wooden deck, and we agreed to use Osmo One Coat Only. I checked the Internet extensively and ordered the oil paint at Natural Paint shop that offered the best price, and their delivery was prompt. Yesterday, while the weather was nice, I cut some branches (of pinus pumila?) covering the deck aggressively, surfaced the old wood with sanding machine, and finished about a quarter of the entire deck space. You paint One Coat Only like wiping the surface with a cloth generally, but would also need a brush and masking tape for the fine line finish which I plan to continue at a later time.

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