Tuesday, November 30, 2010

東京ドイツ村 - Deutsches Dorf Tokyo


I went to Country Farm Tokyo German Village to try some panorama shots of 2 million LED illuminations. The highway bus from Yokohama can be taken at C-18 platform near Sogo Department Store, and it goes through Aqua Line under-water tunnel to Sodegaura Bus Terminal in about 40 minutes quickly.
I walked from the terminal to Sodegaura JR station for about 30 minutes/2.5km, but I lost the way and had to ask some people for the direction. Normally, you only have to transfer to a local bus at the terminal. Anyway, I managed to catch 15:30 complimentary shuttle to the Village, and I was the third passenger.
Deutsches Dorf is just a broad grass field on a hill, nothing else, and the attractions are not so many. There is a rose garden, and also a tangerine farm, although it is hard to find something that are quite German. The illuminations turn on at 16:00, and once it gets dark, the view is quite impressive. You can have a calm promenade amusing your eyes. The admission after 15:00 is 500 Yen.
Going back home, I took bus for Shinagawa from the train station.

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