Monday, November 15, 2010

Ultra-light bicycles – 超軽量自転車

先日のランドネで空想した話題を展開させ、重量が5キロ程度の自転車が実際にあるかどうかを調べてみた。まともな折り畳み自転車としてはパナソニックのトレンクル6000という製品が6.9キロだった。フレームはオール・チタン製、ホイールは14インチで価格が何と33万円!もう少し手頃な価格ではYS-11リミティッドが7.3キロで91,350円。ルノーのAL-14FDBなら8.5キロで3万円だから、普通に選べばこれ。実はA-Bikeという製品が5.5キロで最も軽かったのだが、車輪が小さくて乗り心地が悪そうなので、それならキックボードにもっと良いのがあって、Xootr MGは4.5キロで目標値クリアだ。でも国内では5万円くらいする。

Expanding my bright idea I had during the dark trekking the other day, I investigated if bicycles of 5 kg (11 lbs.) really existed. A product that looked decent was Panasonic Traincle 6000 weighing 6.9 kg with full titanium frame and 14” wheels, but it cost sky-high $4,000! Slightly more affordable was YS-11 Limited for about $1,100 and 7.3kg. Weighing 8.5kg and for only $370 was Renault AL-14FDB that seemed the one to choose under the normal condition. Actually the lightest I found was called A-bike that weighed 5.5kg, but the wheels were too tiny and it did not look so comfortable to ride, and I thought a kick scooter would be even better: Xootr MG for example with only 4.5kg well within the target. Unfortunately, the price in Japan is over $500.

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