Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rifkin's Bach - リフキンのカンタータ


After Messiah, our choir has decided to sing Bach’s cantata No. 80 next year in collaboration with a youth orchestra from Germany as 150th anniversary of Japan-Germany friendship. This cantata is not easy. I used to always gasp with amazement at the acrobatic and entirely melismatic bass singer in the second duet song. Even for the choir, it is not like usual cantatas to handle a short choral only, but the first song is rather long and chromatic. The tenor hits the upper A repeatedly, which is very demanding.
This music I have been listening to for a long time is the CD of Joshua Lifkin and the Bach Ensemble. I had 4 albums that they released through L’Oiseau-Lyre in late 80’s, all of which with the excellent cantatas, and it was such a small ensemble even singing the chorus in solos. Because of it, the parts were exceptionally clear and articulated, and I loved listening to all the 4 CD’s. The pure and neat voice of sopranos still continues to be very charming today.

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