Monday, November 1, 2010

Messiah Rehearsal - メサイアのリハーサル


Today’s rehearsal is the only occasion to sing with the orchestra except the day after tomorrow, and it took place in Yodobashi Church where we will have the concert. I was thrilled rather linearly with the fact that I am in the middle of the complete form of the music that I have accumulated in the exercise through the year.
Many members of the orchestra gathered were young players, and I enjoyed the small ensemble that was nice and agile. I was seated just behind the second oboe, and the melodies woven by two oboes were within my arm’s reach, which was exciting. The harpsichord was also close next to oboe on the left. And the last but not the least was the amazing trumpet that totally knocked me out. The bass aria “The trumpet shall sound” will be definitely an attraction in the concert. From my seat, the oboe goes along the trumpet like a clear shadow, and I felt as if I was in the ideal spot for listening.
I recognize the first note of No. 46 for the chorus from the first notes of the orchestra, but for some reason of perhaps playing, the harmony did not reach me to result in a hard start of singing. The organ for basso continuo was also in the orchestra, but I did not hear it clearly, either.
As I could sing Messiah throughout without being exhausted, I was satisfied with this rehearsal. The concert will start from 13:30 Wednesday.

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