Saturday, October 30, 2010

Telemann's Tafelmusik - テレマンのターフェルムジーク

最近テレマンの「ターフェルムジーク」の全曲盤4枚組CDを買った。テレマンはバロックの先駆的職人と言われる作曲家だが、商業的には近年ブーム化したことはないし、かく言う僕もバロック期の曲だったら、最近はヘンデル6: バッハ3:ヴィヴァルディ1くらいで、テレマンを聴く機会はぐっと少ない。

I bought a 4CD album of complete “Tafelmusik” of Telemann recently. Telemann is regarded as the pioneering craftsman among baroque composers, but he has not been in a commercial boom today, and I don’t listen to his music much, either. My recent tendency of listening would be something like Handel 6: Bach 3: Vivaldi 1 when it comes to baroque music.
Actually, I have “Tafelmusik” in SACD by the same group, Musica Amphion led by Jan Belder, and I love their calm but refreshing performance. Comparing the two, I think I like SACD more because SACD’s acoustic perspective is richer with the surround mix while the tones of instruments are not so much different each other. I wish to see a complete set in SACD.

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