Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gardiner’s Cantata Series Completed – ガーディナーのカンタータ全集が完結


Immediately after the calendar flipped the page to October, I received from London the delivery of 2 CD albums: The volumes 12th and 18th of Gardiner’s Bach Cantatas that conclude the series finally. An index sheet was included for handy search of titles from either the volume number or the BWV number.
In the volume 12, No. 60 “O Evigkeit, du Donnerwort II” was interesting with unique dialogues of “Fear” and “Hope”, sung by an alto and a tenor. The last piece in this ablum was No. 140 “Wachet Auf”!
The Volume 18 is the collection for Christmas Day and for Epiphany that starts cheerfully with No. 63 “Christen, ätzet diesen Tag”. I think No. 65 “Sie werden aus Saba alle kommen” is an excellent performance.
By all means, how could a group manage playing almost 200 cantatas in only a year? Their ability is beyond the imagination, considering how much time left physically for practicing each of them!

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