Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back to the Mac – マックの新戦略

OSX LionはiPhone/iPadで構築したアプリ管理のスキームをMacにも適用しようという狙いだ。今や米国のパソコン市場の20%にまでシェアを伸ばし巨大インフラとなったマックのアプリ販売を囲い込むことは、利益の3割をピンハネするアップルとしては当然の経営戦略だろう。内蔵ドライブを持たないMac Airが売れるに比例して、AppStoreも繁盛し、いずれアップルは一大恐竜となる図式だ。

Apple held the special event on October 20th to introduce the upgrades of iLife and OSX.
With the new iPhoto 11, the slide show becomes almost like a presentation by using provided templates. It also enhances the functionality such as sending photos and reading reply comments within the application. The new audio editing in iMovie looks intuitive and handy.
Apple aims to expand the scheme of application management established in iPhone/iPad business to Mac itself. Mac has now been grown to a huge infrastructure sharing 20% of US market, and it is a logical step for them to keep the flock of applications withing their turf from the viewpoint of management strategy as long as it secures them 30% commission out of the profit. As Mac Air with no optical drive penetrates more in the market, AppStore will get busier, and it will lead Apple to morph into a monstrous tyrannosaur soon.
Regarding my iPad, I now think repentantly that the new smaller MacAir could have been the better choice if I waited for these 6 months, but on the other hand iPad OS upgrade is expected toward the end of the year with long-waited multi-tasking and printing functions, so I will definitely see how they work then.

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