Monday, October 11, 2010

Chagall and Magic Flute – シャガールの魔笛


On Sunday, I went to the Museum of Tokyo University of Arts to see the exhibition of Chagall. Because it was one day before closing and also in the middle of 3-day holidays, I had expected it, but the venue was completed packed and the line of people to watch the display lazily moved only one foot per minute or so, which demanded us a patience.
The highlight of this exhibition was Mozart’s “Magic Flute” that Chagall designed the entire stage for Metropolitan Opera in New York right after he drew the ceiling picture of Opéra Garnier in Paris in 1964. Watching these dessins slowly one by one was opposite from any pains for me. Chagall not only designed the stage but also the costumes and the likes with great care in details. Papageno’s costume is a good example of perfection. My best wish is the reproduction of this performance with abundant colors and fantasy in 50th anniversary in New York that comes in 2017.

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