Thursday, October 7, 2010

白内障の手術 第2幕 – My Cataract Operation, Act 2


I had the medical checks prior to the operation this week. Lots of shots in my eyes were taken, and occasionally I was told not to blink for 3 seconds but it was difficult.
My electrocardiogram taken the other day came out with a suspicion of Burgada syndrome, which I have never heard of, and was asked if I ever had sudden faints or if my relatives had one. My parents had economical problems but not their hearts.
The arrangement for today was to take X-ray pictures first, and then see the physician at the circulatory organ department for the professional opinion. The doctor told me that Burgada’s approach was purely statistical and the syndrome consisted of two unique factors combined: reversal peaks and suddlebacks called ST right after the pulses. Because my waveform showed only one of the factors, it can be generally judged unlikely.
I got back to the ophthalmology department with this result, and my operation was confirmed as scheduled. It requires 2 nights’ hospitalization from the 13th, and it may look overdoing for a cataract operation that requires some half an hour in the contemporary environment, but I appreciate this classic approach with full attention.
The expenses associated with the operation/hospitalization will be roughly $1700, and the price list for superior bedrooms was among the information given which is interesting. There are a few gorgeous rooms even with sofa, kitchenette, and bath or shower.

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