Friday, November 26, 2010

白内障の手術 第5幕 - My Cataract Operation, Act 5


When I went to the hospital for 1-month post-operation checks the other day, I forgot to ask about the certificate I had requested for the purpose of insurance refund. It was actually ready, and I went out today again to pick it up.
At the cashier counter, I was told the fee was $125. I immediately claimed that I thought I saw $35 in the list of fees for various certificates to which the clerk explained me it was for the certificate prepared in the hospital’s own form but in other forms the price was as charged. I would consider it normal if the fee was around $50-60, but if the digit shifts up, It sounds rather pricey for average people, and I felt strongly the life here depended much on how much money in the pocket.
By the way, I discovered that the operation fee using multi-focus lenses covering short and long sights is about $3300, roughly two times of standard single-focus lenses. When I was speaking with the doctor, I found a sheet of tariff on his desk, and I could precisely read the numbers. My visibility was indeed improved!

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