Saturday, February 11, 2012

CP+ 2012 - 行ってはみたけど

Yesterday, on my way to Tokyo Persimmon Hall for Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte”, I stopped by at Yokohama Pacifico where CP+ camera show was being held. I had two specific purposes; that were to see and touch Ricoh GXR A16 and Fujifilm X-Pro1.
Ricoh’s booth was consolidated with Pentax and their primary stress seemed focused on Pentax Q. GXR was only cased behind the glass display unfortunately. At Fujifilm there was a long queue of people to the counter where they could touch X-Pro1, and I then realized going to one of stores in town at a later time would be much more efficient. Other booths such as Canon, Nikon and Sony had their new, interesting products, but I did not have enough time to stay there.
One photo I took was the Sony booth where an open studio for test photo sessions was beautifully arranged, and it was definitely tempting to see how it would come out with my compact Canon S90 camera.

昨日は東京パーシモンホールにモーツァルトの「魔笛」を観に行くことになっていたので、途中CP+を覗いてみようとみなとみらいのパシフィコに立ち寄った。このカメラショウには具体的に2件の目的があった。ひとつはリコーGXR A16に触ってみること。もうひとつは富士フイルムのX-Pro1画質確認。
リコーのブースはペンタックスとの同居で焦点は新製品のPentax Qに集中しているようだった。GXRに至ってはガラスのショウケースに鎮座しているだけ。次の富士フイルムのブースにはX-Pro1のサンプルに触れるカウンターに向かって長蛇の列が出来ていた。これなら後日カメラ屋で現物に触れる方が遙かに効率的と理解した。他にキヤノン、ニコン、ソニーなどでも興味ある新製品が出てはいたが、長時間滞在する余裕はなく今回は諦めた。

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