Monday, February 6, 2012

Matthew Passion - マタイ受難曲の演奏会

I went to Daiichi Life Insurance Hall in Triton Square again yesterday for the concert of Matthew Passion by Choeur de Chambre and Tokio Bach Kantata Ensemble.
The choir consisted of 18 sopranos, 12 altos, 9 tenors and 10 basses, but when they were split into 2 separate parts for Bach’s oratorio, their size remained relatively small limiting the dramatic aspect of the choir. The ensemble is the players of period instruments and played in 415Hz baroque pitch. The sound of oboe d’amore, flute traverso and viola da gamba were so pleasing. Among the soloists, I thought the bass (Yoshitaka Ogasawara) was excellent with text clarity in singing.
When I phoned the contact number of the choir in mid January, I was told the tickets had been sold out rather unusually for local baroque events. I wasn’t aware at that time, but I was actually speaking to the conductor, Ms. Koizumi herself. I gave up my plan once, but I thought of writing her again to pitch how serious I was interested in this concert begging her a single ticket on site if they manage to recover any leftovers. Then, she kindly wrote me back informing that she could allow one of very few reserves for me.
Another surprise was that one of tenors was with me when we sang Mozart Requiem together at ICU a year ago. He took the role of Judas in the concert as well as the choir tenor. In overall, it was a nice performance, but I felt totally exhausted afterward. It started at 3:00 p.m. and ended at 6:40, and Matthew always forces me some concentration in mere listening. I have no idea if I can sing out this long work emotionally myself…




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