Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gardiner on YouTube – ガーディナーのバッハ巡礼を観る


Our choir set the new goal that is to master Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in 18 months. And in coming March, while the Kantor of Leipzig visits Japan, he will conduct us sing one of Christmas Oratorio chorals and the final choral in Matthew Passion in a charity concert.
I searched some performance examples in YouTube and came across with a BBC program of reporting Bach Cantata Pilgrimage by Gardiner and Monteverdi Choir that started with their concert of Christmas Oratorio in Weimar. It was very nice to find how and where the concert actually took place visually, and furthermore there was another program about the whole 1-year Pilgrimage tours that complemented the complete Bach Cantata releases in CD from SDG.

I then found St. John Passion in Proms 2008. I have their older CD releases, 1986 Archive and 2003 SDG, but their Proms performance was far superior and deeply touching.

Shown below are the links that you shouldn’t miss watching!

Christmas Oratorio: クリスマス・オラトリオで巡礼スタート

Bach Pilgrimage: バッハ・カンタータ巡礼


PROMS 2008のヨハネ受難曲


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