Thursday, July 12, 2012

CAAD9の出番 - Readjusting Cannondale

米国から友人が来て、週末天気が良ければ自転車で少し遠出しようという話になった。もっぱら倉庫で眠っていることの多いCannondale CAAD9を出して、ステムとピラーを元のC2に戻して彼用にポジション調整する。大男がトップ535mmの車体に乗るのは可哀想だが、本人はロードレーサーがあるだけハッピーな気分のようだ。何しろスーツケースにヘルメット、ウェア、シューズを詰め込んでやって来る気合いの入れようだ。

調整はハンドル位置を遠くしたため、シフターケーブルが足りなくなって張り直しとなる。そこでついでに思いついたのがRotor Q-Ringsのアウターもこの際載せてしまうアイディア。本人は自分のSpecializedで走っていて、50x11Tではちょっとトップレシオが足りないと言っていたので、CAAD912Tを補う意味でも、そして彼に楕円ギアの感触を味わわせるのも一興と考えた。


A friend of mine visits from USA, and we decided to have a long bike ride in the weekend if the weather is fine. So I pulled out from the warehouse my Cannondale CAAD9 that mostly slept there, and replaced the stem and the pillar with the original Cannondale C2 components as they should better fit for taller riders. Still my 535mm bike must be tight for my friend, but he seems happy just having a road racer. Seriously, he came with his helmet, bike wear and shoes in the suitcase.

The readjustment of CAAD9 put the handle further away and I had to redo the shifting cables as they got short. If that’s the case, I thought, why don’t we put the remaining Rotor's outer ring? He once expressed that he prefers some more ratio beyond his 50x11T top gear and Rotor would be a compensation for my CAAD9’s 12T top. And it offers him an opportunity to feel the oval ring himself.

Well, 50/36*T in my case was favorable, but this is 50*/34T with more gap. I can see the delicacy in the handling as well as the adjustment. Will it be reliable enough?

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