Wednesday, July 11, 2012

念願のQ-RINGSを試す- Experimenting Rotor Q-Rings


最終方針からは寄り道になってしまうのだが、eBayで安く指値しておいたRotor Q-Ringsが思いがけなく落札できてしまったので、今のカンパケンタウルに載せてみて、楕円リングがどの程度のものか体験してみる機会を得た。



While my final goal is defined (=Bio Concept), I happened to take a detour as I unexpectedly won a bid in eBay for Rotor Q-Rings. I thought my price was too low but now with these chain rings, I’ve got a chance to experience how oval wheel behaves on my Campy Centaur.
Some teeth in the used outer ring show obvious wear but the inner rings looked in a better condition that I decided to try first because the oval outer ring will require the repositioning of front derailleur as its diameter extends.

The inner rings of Rotor for campagnolo compact crank is 36T, and I was concerned if I could manage the increased load compared to 34T normal ring at hill climbs. So I ran my usual course to Shonan Village. The first thing I was relieved was the shifts between 50T and 36T rings were very smooth, and this action was more with synergy: In case of 50/34T, I always felt the shifts were abrupt like jumping down a large gap.

And there came the hill! The difference is very subtle that one would notice or would not. I think I felt larger load than usual when stepping down the cranks. The rotation is not really affected though. Because of this added load, I kept holding the drop ends of the handle as I climbed and the result was a few seconds faster than my past record time. Considering the gear ratio of the second low teeth is 1.36 (34x25T) in the normal case, the Rotor’s 36x28T is still lighter at 1.286.
The first impression was favorable, and in short, I would say the oval ring requires more concentration but can create more progressive pace. The question still remains if my weak legs can continue the long hill with steepness of >6%.

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