Tuesday, July 17, 2012

箱根ダウンヒル – Hakone Downhill

Heavy rain just before the dawn, but we decided to go ahead with the ride assuming the condition in the afternoon would be tolerable. The tuning of Cannondale has been done. We packed our bikes in front of Kamakura Station to take 12:30 train, transferring at Ofuna and then Kozu, and finally arrived at Gotenba within 2 hours.

We had quick bite of sandwitches and rebuilt the bikes in front of the station and began running at 14:53. We simply keep the Hakone Byroad all the way through Otome Pass, so you won’t be lost. The slope is mild and constant therefore your heart won’t burst with the hill climb of about 350m in 50 minutes. There is a café near the pass, and the rest is the long and magnificent downhill all the way to Hakone-Yumoto. Soon will you be in Sengokubara, and further down near Miyanoshita you will have great views of the valley. The route then overlaps with the University Ekiden course in the New Year time. There are edgy hair-pin curves one after another where bikes are not slower than cars.

急ぐ旅でもないがあまり途中停車もせず、箱根湯本も小田原も通り過ぎた。あとは1号線から134号線に入って海岸線を走るこれも気持ちの良い道路だ。友人はこんな快適なロングライドは生まれて初めてととても満足な様子で、日本の路面の良さに感心していた。因みにCannondaleに取り付けたQ-Rings 50Tのアウターについては、判らないとの反応だった。途中大磯でコンビニに立ち寄って飲料補充したのと、鎌倉のスーパーで祝杯用に缶ビールを仕入れたのを含めて、ランタイムは3時間39分。正味では3時間半くらいで逗子に帰着した。


Route 1 and Route 134 roads after Odawara are also comfortable along the coast line, and my friend confessed that he had never had such a comfortable long ride and said that the road surface in Japan tended to be very impressive. On the other hand, he did not sense much about Rotor Q-Rings’ outer 50T. We stopped by at a convenience store in Oiso for refilling beverage and at a supermarket in Kamakura for some canned beer drinking that evening, and still the total run time was 3 hours 39 minutes including these stops. Therefore the net would be 3.5 hours.

I planned to use EveryTrail with my iPhone that automatically generates a view page of your route with photos taken, but we were happily concentrating on running, we seldom stopped for photo shootings. I believe I will come back again to try EveryTrail before long.

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