Monday, October 8, 2012

Scarpa - 細身だった山靴


When I climbed Nishi-Hodaka the other day, I felt one of my fingers hurt, but it did not show up on the surface when I saw it back at home. A few days later, the third finger turned black with the blood spread behind the nail. This same problem was the second time in the climbings, and I thought it was clear the shoes did not fit my feet.
I bought Scarpa because a reliable friend of mine recommended it. I chose the model which looked suited for maybe the trekking, and it served very well in the usual walks. When it comes to long climbing, its Vibram sole was too soft and a bit slippery. The shape seemed narrow for typical Japanese and my third and little fingers were pressured from the side while the size itself was right. I took the pictures of the shoe and the foot and layered them as shown, only to confirm the cause of the problem. I should probably choose a wider pair from Japanese or German brands.

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