Friday, October 26, 2012

Shimagnolo Completed - シマニョーロ完成

Easton EA70ハンドルがようやくWiggleから到着したので、BH CristalからEC90AEROをOnixに戻して、カンパ・コーラスのブレーキとレバーを組み込む作業に取りかかった。ブレーキのインナーワイヤーはすでにレバーに組まれていたが、出口のルートを変更したいので一旦途中まで引き出してワイヤーを押し込み直したが、これは結構大変だった。それとレバーのラバーパッドを脱がせるのも一苦労の力仕事という感じだ。

リアのシフトプーリーはGrowtacの赤いEqual Pulleyに取り替える。この小さな部品がシマニョーロの心臓部だ。この入れ替え作業は簡単。
ブレーキのアウターは今回はJagwire Kevlarが余っていたので、それを使った。カンパのアウターはしなやかなでこれも悪くない感じだった。


まずブレーキだが、重さはデュラとそれほど変わらないので軽い部類に入るし、組んでいる時から良い動きをしてくれるのを感じていた。Planet-X CNCみたいな片効き動作はしないし、スプリングもシマノより柔らかいのでレバー操作は軽い。しかもリムのグリップも言うことなしで、これは自分好みのブレーキだった。



Easton EA70 handle having been delivered from Wiggle, I put EC90Aero back from BH Cristal to Onix in order to install Campagnolo Chorus brakes and control levers. The brake wires were in place as received, but as I wanted to change their exit routing, I had to pull them out and reinstall which was not easy. Also tough was sliding out the rubber pads of control levers.

As the heart of Shimagnolo mechanism, the rear shifter pulley in the control lever had to be replaced with Growtac’s red Equal Pulley, and its job was straightforward. I used Jagwire Kevlar outer cable as I had some with me.

Looking at the completed bike, finally after several iterations, its front side is now entirely Campy while in the rear the cassette, the rear derailleur, and the chain are Dura Ace. Campagnolo Chorus brakes looked promising as I watched them while installing them with the lightweight comparable to Dura Ace, even pad actions of dual-pivots unlike Planet-X CNC calipers, and the milder spring tension than Shimano to allow lighter lever controls. I really liked these brakes.

The hybrid and thus not generally recommended "Shimangnolo" assembly actually settled by itself without any trimming which was a surprise because I used to struggle as a normal procedure optimizing Shimano derailleurs. The control ergonomics of Campagnolo STI may be inferior to Shimano’s, particularly the inner thumb levers, but the shift itself in the rear gear was so reliable with firm clicks of ratchet and with slightly heavier handling. The front appeared more primitive that required 3 notches to complete the shift, and the long travel pushing the lever to shift the inner ring to the outer was not very comfortable.
It would take some time for me to become fluent with two different systems.

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