Wednesday, June 4, 2014

西班牙歩きの旅#1 - Pamplona

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
San Fermin monument
It starts here!
City Hall

I met with my travel partner in Bilbao as scheduled. We were frankly disappointed with Guggenheim Museum apart from its architecture because they did not have their own arts for permanent exhibition therefore constantly relied on their invitation projects, and they had Yoko Ono when we arrived.
So we left for Pamplona on bus. It was the city for us to encounter with the way to Compostela and originally had planned to start a bike tour. Our hotel, Maisonnave (€78) was conveniently in the old city area, and we first looked around examining the exact route of bulls in San Fermin. Extending our walk to the castel gate, we could see some pilgrims finishing their trip from SJPP across Pyrenee. They surely looked tired.
We were not particularly interested in relating this town with Hemingway unlike many tourists here, and thus we scheduled to leave for Zaragoza next morning after a quick sightseeing in the afternoon. Still, the lit-up city hall in the evening was very charming.
My partner suddenly said let’s have chinese tonight as he noticed a restaurant sign in a busy street, and we went up the stairs. The metal door was shut and the place did not look open, but turning the knob to push the door, was there the almost vacant restaurant. I will skip what we ate, and while we checked the bill, the restaurant’s old man, seemingly the landlord, brought the change of 20 some Euros as well as a €50 bill we gave. Lucky treat, but since we starts a pilgrimage here, it would probably a good thing to accumulate a virtuous deed now. So we tossed the bill again to the man with a smile of appreciating their treat. As we go downstairs followed a voice behind us. It was a staff of restaurant to catch us up holding a bag: My partner forgot it in his chair. So this was a break-even deal.

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