Wednesday, June 4, 2014

西班牙歩きの旅#2 - Javier


We walked to the station to find that the train tickets to Zaragoza for the morning were all sold out and that the earliest available would be 14:30. We seem to be too optimistic about the express tickets. In order to kill 5 remaining hours, my travel partner cleverly negotiated a possible tour to Javier castle with a taxi driver, a destination not normally efficient for individual travelers unless you are in a group tour bus. It is about an hour drive by car distancewise, therefore we concluded the deal at 110. We could see Pyrenee mountains far beyond on our way, which was really satisfying.
Once we got to Sanguesa, the closest town, the road started climbing up for a few kilometers into a hill. It was still early in the morning and there were no other visitors where the castle was quietly standing. It was before the opening time, but we luckily met with two ladies supporting religeous activities here who gave us kind explanations about the castle. Then came the Father to greet us. Francisco Xavier (Javier) received significant influence from de Loyola, also a Basque, to choose a lifelong comittment to missonary in foreign countries including Japan. The museum’s audio guide explains this even in Japanese language.

One surprising bonus of our tour was the taxi driver himself who was also a Basque, and his name was Francisco Xavier!

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