Saturday, June 7, 2014

西班牙歩きの旅#6 - León

レオンは小休止と日程調整の可能性を考えて2泊だったので少し奮発して上質ホテルに入る。Hospederia Monastica Pax(€74/朝食込み)はその名の通り修道院の一部をホテルに、さらに隣部分をアルベルゲに改装した宿泊施設で、場所はかなり分かり辛かったが中はゆったりとスペースが確保され快適だ。ここではTVでマドリード・オープンのナダル・錦織戦などに興じた。
Hospederia Monastica Pax
The neighborhood


2-night’s stay in Leon was intended for a break and possible schedule adjustment, and we had booked an upper-level hotel, Hospederia Monastic Pax (€74 incl. breakfast). It was literally a modified monastery for hotel facility and separate albergue as well. We had some difficulty finding its location, but once inside the hotel was spacious and comfortable.

The break coincided with a weekend, and the restaurant we were interested in was closed. I actually don’t recall much about this city except mostly relaxing in the hotel room such as watching the Madrid Open tennis final of Nadal and Nishikori on TV. We definitely walked a bit to notice a rigid scallop mark and a strange footstep on the main street as well as visiting the Cathedral: Due to its poor construction and aging damage, the citizens were worried about its ceiling collapsing and had to spend years for renovating it. It was visible because the colors of structural outer wall stones were not uniform here and there. Inside was rather moderate, or I should say chic. The pipe organs were placed on both wings. 

A few minutes along the main street from the Cathedral is a building designed by Gaudi, now used as a bank. Gaudi himself sits in a bench in front of the building.

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