Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Small Choirs’ Bach – 小編成合唱団のバッハ



For the last 4 weeks or so, I went to a couple of Bach concerts by small choirs at Kanda Church. One was Quodlibet’s debut concert on May 5. Quodlibet consisted of SATB 6:4:3:4, total 17 singers, and solo parts were sung by the choir member.
Such beautiful cantatas as No.4 and No. 131 were in the program, and another feature was the conductor and the counter-tenor, Hiroya Aoki who sang the short solo cantata No. 54. As for the balance of the choir, I tended to think the tenor would be even nicer with a little bit more solid presence. 3 tenor singers managed their tough job, and they would match with 6 sopranos normally, but here the ability of each singer in each part may be very high.

On June 7, Camerata Bach Tokyo had their second concert. Here again, Sumihito Uesugi, counter-tenor participates as a voice-trainer, and he himself conducted the first piece in the program; motet “Jesu, Meine Freude”. They began with an impressive and breathtaking harmony, particularly the inner parts displayed the outstanding presence perhaps partly because of 2 counter-tenors in alto. Two cantatas were sung, No. 125 and No. 80, and the solo parts of the latter demand a very high skill of singing, and the singers selected from the choir were attractively dependable.  

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