Tuesday, September 8, 2015

デモは文化である - Demonstrations are Our Culture




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It sounded to me like a joke when the news reported that Ryuichi Sakamoto, musician made a speech at the recent SEALDs demo on 30 August in which he said it was similar to French Revolution. The real, or more precise story in his speech was that our constitutions may not be something that we fought to achieve, but now in this moment we challenge to do so, and in this sense we are in a similar situation to those of Magna Carta and French Revolution.
Well, putting aside my delusion of possible guillotines as we move on, what I should stress is active demonstrations tend to reveal the culture of each nation and its maturity.

Look at the recent case of farmers in Paris in AFP news reported on 4 September.

This far is possible in this advanced nation as a routine in terms of political appeals.
Comparing the situation in Japan against it, the February issue of "Neppu" (Studio Ghibli's monthly magazine) is very interesting as it copies Koichiro Kokubun's blog discussing how he looks at demos
Fairly slovenly, just like dogs mark the territory of their own in the street, but still within the behavior of mature adults: Such a view is fascinating to me for the atmosphere of our demos. Even if the Diet ends passing Abe's security bills with full of false interpretations, as long as the young people around SEALDs and others continue to find their way of actions routinely to root it in depth, one day the demo may become authentic for this country's democracy.

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