Monday, September 28, 2015

バッハのモテット全曲演奏会 - Tokyo Oratorienchor Sings Bach's 6 Motets

話は飛躍するが、サイモンとガーファンクルがデュオを結成する前に、サイモンが一人ギター一本で歌うアルバム「Simon before Garfunkel」というのがあるのだが、2人版は伴奏も耳当たり良く快適に聞けるのに対して、1人版の方は歌い手と至近距離で対峙するような緊張感を発散するというくらい、曲も歌い手も同じなのにその違いに驚くのだが、ア・カペラで歌い上げた時のモテットもそんな特長が魅力になりそうだとも思った。

I went to a concert of Bach's six motets with an accompagnato of orchestra. The premise was Dai-ich Life Insurance Hall that was almost full, and I have no stage pictures but can post one during the intermission. 
Tokyo Oratorienchor has about 20 year history, and have done several concert tours to Germany to date.

The motets are usually sung A Capella or with an organ and/or bass strings only, and I heard them with an orchestra for the first time. It seems some recent studies evidenced such performances regularly in the days of Bach. For choir members, it is definitely an immense assist particularly in the long melisma, and thus the entire music is much easier to sing. From the lister's viewpoint, the music appeared to add more energetic push, and the instruments complement the weaker voice zones (such as low keys in alto) to result in a more rigid structure of voice part elements, hence a better overall balance and particular appeals each other. 
So this was a very comfortable performance to listen to. 

Sidestepping the topic, there was an album titled "Simon before Garfunkel" that was before Simon started a duo with Art, and the million-seller music is, as everybody knows, so beautiful with smooth orchestration while the solo album radiated very tense appeal in music as if you confront with an artist face to face. The same music. 
I imagine the Motets sung in A Capella as well would ultimately present the music with such a tension.

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