Friday, February 19, 2016

薬師池公園と梅園 - Yakushi-Ike Park and Its Plum Garden


It's now the season for plum ("Ume") trees! In Yakushi-Ike Park of Machida is a plum garden, and the view from the upper promenade should be wonderful. The best timing is said to be end February, but it was a warm, beautiful day today, and I decided to ride on my bike. It is about 2-hour/40 km tour from Kamakura. The route was quite comfortable in overall: The roads in the north of Machida tended a bit narrow, but otherwise it was mostly a simple road to follow in most part. I saw a few trees in full bloom, but if you want to enjoy a gorgeous view with splashes of blooms in the entire garden, you should patiently delay your visit by a week or so.

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