Thursday, February 25, 2016

創造と神秘のサグラダファミリア - Sagrada, the Movie



I saw the movie "SAGRADA el Misteri de la Creació" at Yebisu Garden Cinema (although the show will end this week). We can learn the historic aspects from this movie such as how young Gaudi got involved in the design of this cathedral, the destruction at the time of Franco regime, and the difficulty facing with oppositions to continuing the construction. I recognize the inside has made a significant progress since the time I visited there some 10 years ago. The finish with stained glasses lifts the impression so lively and magnificent.

The movie begins with the German narration, a bit of surprise to me, because this is a production of German team. Whether it is one of reasons or not, the music in this movie was only from Bach's B-minor mass performed by Jordi Saval and le Concert des Nations. It sounded to me a different take from the published DVD  recording at l'Abbaye de Fontfroide. I thought Saval was the ideal choice here, but which music to be put here would have required a lot of consideration. Saval talked in the movie about the common aspect between the B-minor mass and this cathedral: a long process of stacking up pieces for the completion, and it is not where it stops.


Garden Cinema is a smallish theater in the United chain with luxurious seats laid out to avoid front seats' intervention as well as the sufficient tilts; all designed for a quality viewing.

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