Monday, February 4, 2008



I reserve wine every year through a system called Primeur. As the items handled are mostly premium wines, I can only afford 3 to 6 bottles. Usually fifth class Pauillac is my choice. 2003 of the extreme hot summer was one of the best years, and I changed my mind to Saint-Estèphe.
This is why I did not have a 2003 Pontet-Canet in my cellar. I made a bid the other day in an auction and successfully won it for less than $70, so it should be within reasonable, I think. I was bidding another different bottle that I could not win. According to the seller, most of the items he offered on the day (I saw about a dozen) were bought by bidders from China! Tuna and wine go to China these days. I hope I don’t see they reach my Pontet-Canet so much in France in coming years…

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