Wednesday, April 16, 2008

United - ユナイテッド航空

NAB(全米放送機器展)でラスベガスに来た。通常なら僕は全日空を使うのだが、到着後夕方から会議が入っていたので、今回は出発の早いUnitedに乗った。フライトの到着遅れを想定して荷物は機内持ち込みできるよう新しいスーツケースを買った。Titan X2というドイツの製品だ。この小ささでスーツ2着、靴1足、その他1週間の滞在に必要な衣類から身の回り品をすべて押し込むことができた。上出来と言うべきだろう。

I came to Las Vegas for NAB show. My usual flight is ANA but in order to join a meeting upon my arrival, I took earlier United this time. I bought a new suitcase small enough to carry-on. It’s German Titan X2. I somehow managed to squeeze 2 suits, 1 pair shoes, and other stuff for a week travel in this tiny capacity. Quite efficient.


As expected, United arrived at SFO more than 30 minutes late but it was not too late to catch the connecting flight. In the flight was the slight disorder of usual United. Another passenger showed up later to my seat and the attendants had to settle this overbooking. The upgrade to a remaining first-class seat was me. I ordered Japanese dinner and came a pure western plate of starter to puzzle me. A rather senior attendant told me she had Californian Pinot, so I ordered it. It tasted like Australian Syrah when the glass came, so I was about to ask to see the label when another attendant apologetically came to explain to me with the bottle saying “sorry, she doesn’t know the things, and do you want to change?” This syrah was actually good and I wanted it refilled. Then started the real Japanese dinner.

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