Wednesday, April 23, 2008

W San Francisco

ところで僕はあまりホテルで朝食を取りません。飲み物とクロワッサンくらいで済ませるので、街のコーヒー店で充分なのです。写真は日曜の朝食。マーケットで買ったイチゴ$2.50とピエモンテの生乳チーズFontina Val D’aosta $9、ホテルのカフェ・ラテとクロワッサン約$8を並べて、部屋で食べました。消費した量換算で$12ほどかな。このチーズはなかなか良かったですね。

W San Francisco is one of my favorite hotels since it opened. Young and plain interior with no exaggeration that reminds me of a space produced by Terence Conran as an example, and above all is the comfortable bed to sleep in for travelers fighting with jet-lag. I stopped staying here when the rate exceeded $300, but this time we got a special corporate arrangement.
I don’t usually have my breakfast in the hotel because it is sufficient to stop by at a coffee shop in town for a latte and a croissant. The picture shows the breakfast on Sunday in my room with $2.50 strawberries and $9 “Fontina Val D’aosta” raw milk cheese from Piemonte that I bought in the market, $8 latte and croissant from the hotel. I roughly ate $12 and the cheese was quite satisfying.

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