Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Library Visit - 大学図書館

今日は何十年ぶりかで大学のキャンパスに入った。大学図書館で少し古い資料を調べることを考えて入館証を作った。キャンパスのあまりの広さに目が眩む感じがしたほどだ。学生の頃はそんなことはなかったけど。ついでに新築の福武ホールとかを見て、端の小さなUT Caféで軽く昼食したが、構内でも巷と変わらない値段だった。いつもながらただの箱のような安藤忠雄設計のこの建物は1階部分だけ見るとずいぶん効率の悪そうなプロポーションだなあという印象だったが、多分2階はもうちょっと快適なのだと思う。年期の入った図書館などとは別世界だ。

I visited my college campus today after decades of absence. It was for a library registration so that I can search some old study papers. I almost felt dizzy with the huge perspective of the entire campus. I never felt that way when I was a student. I saw the newly built Fukutake Hall and had lunch at small UT café situated in its end. Their price even in the campus was not different from the outside world. The typical plain box designed by Tadao Ando did not appear comfortable just by looking at its first floor proportion, but probably it would be nicer on the second. A totally different space from other ancient buildings.

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