Sunday, February 1, 2009

Four Seasons Mozaic - 四季モザイク


In early 90's, Jeanne Lamon and Tafelmusik made a recording of Haendel's Concerti Grossi for Vivarte label, which was truly lovely piece of music to me. I have not heard their further achievements until Vivaldi's L'estro Armonico recorded in 2007.
I bought the CD late last year and facing with their aggressively swift playing style, I felt overwhelmed as if I myself gained the ages at least two times faster than they did. As for L'estro Armonico, the old vinyl record of Marriner and ASMF released by Argo is still undisputably the one I rely on.
Lamon's new CD actually came with a bonus DVD titled "Four Seasons Mosaic" that I forgot its presence until just recently, and I was totally amazed with this bonus! It was Lamon's project to bring Vivaldi's Four Seasons to a new horizon through collaboration with different artistic cultures. Participated in this project were Chinese pipa, Indian sarangi, and Canadian Inuit's throat singing. I was thoroughly indulged in this video documentary DVD for a while. A disc definitely worth trying.

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