Thursday, February 26, 2009

レ・クリントの個人輸入 – Trenddesign24

注文確認のメールはすぐに来たが、その後は数日に一度、「処理中」とか「発送済み」と、一行程度のそっけない更新情報が流れてくるだけで、その機械仕掛けなところはまるで無人のショップで買い物をしている雰囲気だ。注文から発送までに10日ほど要して商品はUPSの手に渡った。それから数日また音沙汰がないので、UPSのトラッキング番号を頼りに状況を調べてみると、荷物が成田に到着したあと、そこで止まっている。ちゃんと商品が来ているらしいことで一安心だが、それでも気が気ではないので、UPS Japanの連絡先を調べて電話をしてみた。商品のインボイスがないので通関してもらえていないとの状況説明だった。こちらにもインボイスなんか送られていないので、注文確認のメールを参考に送って、処理をお願いした。

We wanted a floor lamp by the sofa in our living room, and I checked the current Le Klint line-up that was quite limited in the choice and also the price went rather higher up. I was curious to know if the situation was same outside Japan, and cruised the web. I got to a shop site called Trenddesign24 in Germany where they carried much wider choices at very reasonable prices. They also offer “free shipment”. Unsure about the reliability of this shop, I immediately entered an order of model 369 in black for only $496, probably for a half of domestic price if available.
The order confirmation came back swiftly, but afterward purely mechanical 1-line messages such as “Status: processing” or “Shipped” arrived in 4-to-5 days of intervals. I felt as if I was shopping in an unattended store with no help. Finally 10 days after my order placement, the product was in the hand of UPS, and it again went invisible for a few days. I then checked the status using the tracking number to find it was sitting at Narita airport after its arrival. While it was a great relief to know the item actually made its journey from Germany to Japan via Hong Kong, I still felt uneasy. I phoned UPS Japan, and they explained that the customs clearance had not started without the invoice. Trenddesign24 did not attach an invoice with the product, nor sent one to me separately. As I had my order confirmation reply e-mail with some detail descriptions, I copied it to UPS in hope that it would help the customs.

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