Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BH Prisma or Cristal? – BHどっちにするか
手元にあるやや大柄なCannondaleは放出して、カミさんも乗れて自分も使うロードレーサーを組もうという構想で自分なりにはそのうちフランスに行ったついでに現地でBH Prismaを買って帰る腹づもりを決めていた。現地には105仕様車やカンパAthena仕様車が違う車体カラーで割安に購入できる。
そんな折、米国eBayBH Cristalフレームの出物が出品されたのを迷った揚げ句に落札してしまった。最高車種G5の女性版でグレードが勝ちすぎるが、サイズも最小の510だし、値段も$100010万以下、先日一緒に箱根を走った友人が自宅キープを了承してくれた。海外輸送に$600費やすくらいならそれで訪米する方が良いと思ったからだ。


I had made a long term plan to replace rather large Cannondale bike with something small enough that my wife can ride as well as I normally share it, and my focus was on BH Prisma that I could buy in France while visiting there in the future because they offer different spec models in better deal such as Shimano 105 or Campagnolo Athena components and in nice, different frame colors.

In the meantime, a couple of weeks ago, I saw in eBay USA a BH Cristal frame was posted in the auction, and consequently I won it without competing. Cristal is the female version of their top-of-the-line model G5, thus I thought it was too much, but the size was right at the smallest and it was only $1000, and my friend in SF kindly accepted to keep it in his garage. I thought I would travel there soon rather than spending $600 for overseas shipping. Something unexpected was the beauty and the lightness of BH frame caused him a bolt essentially to start searching BH frames for himself, and furthermore as his family was traveling to Japan timely enough, he arranged them to fly with my Cristal. That’s how the new Cristal reached me so rapidly.

I plan to move components from Cannondale basically, but the drive train will be the latest Shimano 105 with 12/30T cassette. The front gear will be configured with old Shimano FC-6650 cranks and Stronglight oval 50/34T chain rings. The Pressfit BB for Shimano was sent with the frame but I am interested in Sugino’s BB Converter with ceramic bearings. I will move the project rather slowly as the expense involves.

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