Friday, August 31, 2012

Mac Air Surgery with an SSD - 初代Mac AirのSSD換装

The harddisk drive of my Mac Air died a few weeks ago. I thought it was the right time to buy a smaller Mac Air, but on the other hand I was interested in keeping this aged notebook running with an SSD storage. The SSD price became more attractive and I decided to order a 128GB drive from Amazon Japan.

The surgery was quite straightforward: Removing the bottom cover, the drive was on the upper left, surrounded by a rubber cushion and cased in the plastic housing. I carefully pulled out the HDD with cushion. 
My Mac Air was from its very first production batch and I was surprised to see that there was no connector in the end of ribbon cable attached.
I put the cushion around the replacement SSD, carefully insert the ribbon cable end to the drives slot (or connector) but there existed no lock, so it easily came out while I tried to put the drive back in postion. It was merely a piece of plastic tape that prevented the cable from getting loose. What a crude design for Apple!

Anyway, the first attempt of surgery turned out to be successful luckily, and it started install the OS which was very slow. Once everything is restored, the booting up is very speedy, and each step of processes caused no stress of waiting/watching. This old boy will be in service for a few more years!

Mac Airのハードディスクが数週間前に絶命した。タイミング的にはこの際、10インチMac Airを買う時期かなと思い、他方この老いぼれノートにSSDで再生手術してもう少し余命を楽しみたいとも思っていた。SSDの価格はかなり魅力的なまでに低下していたので、アマゾンに128GBドライブを発注することにした。

ただ僕のMac Airは本当に最初の生産ロット製品だったので、驚いたのはリボンケーブルにコネクターがなく、そのケーブル端がそのままドライブに接続されていたことだった。

ともかく、換装の試みは運良く一発で成功し、OSやアプリのインストールに進んだが、これが何しろ遅い作業だった。必要なインストールが一通り完了すると、新しいMac Airの起動はものが違うくらいの迅速さで、これまでのように処理の度ごとに待たされるということもなくなった。この老体マシンもあと数年は奉仕してくれそうだ。

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