Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ichinoseki and Hanamaki – 東北旅行2012その1

Ichinoseki Station 一ノ関駅

Starting from July 31, we had a trip in Tohoku area for a few days. The first purpose was my wife’s partial reunion with her old friends in school days, and we visited Fumon-en in Ichinoseki. Mr. Saito left the city and settled in the rustic environment many years ago. He collected old wood of demolished farmer houses, such as beams and pillars, and built a nice country house as well as some furniture that are his artistic expression by themselves.


The members gathered here then moved to a village near Hayachine dam to stay at Seiko-Saryo and enjoyed local, traditional “kagura” (=prayer dance) of Hayachine Shrine. The owner of Seiko-Saryo, Mr. Sato once made a huge success in the wining-dining business in Morioka, but then faced with the thought about what should be done in his life, and decided to move to an old, L-shaped farmer house in a remote village closing his bar-restaurant in town, and started creating a space for food and culture in his life style.


The “Kagura” prayer dance started early in the evening before getting dark in the small open garden of Hayachine Shrine, and we sat around the dedicated stage while bugs were busy flying around us. As we enjoy the play, I thought that maintaining the cultural event of this class in a small village for hundreds of years must have required immense efforts by each local resident.

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