Monday, August 13, 2012

Morioka - 東北旅行2012その2


On the second day, we were to move to Nyuto hotsprings, and took bus for Morioka first in the morning. We bought the train tickets of 2-hours later and the best place to kill the transit time here would be Kogensha that relates closely with Kenji Miyazawa. So we headed to the direction of Zaimokucho. We were here last time when our kids were very small many years ago. The patio is beautiful and well maintained. In the gallery were some wooden prints by Samiro Yunoki in display. We did not have time to relax over a cup of coffee in Kahi-kan Café unfortunately.

材木町の宮沢賢治 Kenji Miyazawa in Zaimokucho

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