Monday, August 20, 2012

Hill Climb with Rotor: Q-Ringsで山岳ツアー

今回、草津・志賀高原ツアーでの山越えには36T楕円リングのインナーを使った。それで頂上まで行けたという成果が自分としては実に嬉しい。実は、自分の脚力では36Tで1000m級登坂は無理だろうと思っていたので、旅行前に普通の34Tリングに戻した。しかし国際村で試走の結果が意外だったため、結局36T Q–Ringsで挑む決断をした。

Rotor 36T:  13m39s [10.42km/s] *1本目
Rotor 36T:  13m57s [10.12km/s] *2本目
Campy34T:  15m20s [ 9.12km/s] *翌日

BH CristalにはシマノFC-6650クランクにStronglight Bio Concept50/34T楕円を組むことにしたので、こちらの振る舞いが今から楽しみだ。

I used Rotor oval inner ring of 36T for the long ride across Mt. Shirane, and the result that I managed to complete the hill climb was so delightful because I originally thought 36T was too heavy for me especially when it comes to gaining 1000m altitude. That was why I reverted the inner ring to 34T before the tour. I did some exercises at Shonan Village and was amazed to see the results:

Rotor 36T:  13m39s [10.42km/s] *first
Rotor 36T:  13m57s [10.12km/s] *second
Campy34T:  15m20s [ 9.12km/s] *next day
The mediocre time with 34T was a surprise, but I clearly felt uncomfortable with 34T because its rotation was monotonous without a sense of rhythm and made the hill climb only depressive. I bought this ring being curious to check it knowing 36T was the lowest limit for Campagnolo cranks with Q-Rings and it would be difficult. Actually, I found the shifts between round 50T and oval 36T were more synergetic, and I kind of liked it. I kept using this combination for 2 months or so, and reverting to round 34T may have highlighted the contrast their generally subtle difference.

For the new BH Cristal, I am going to install Shimano FC-6650 cranks with Stronglight Bio Concept 50/34T oval rings, and I am excited to see how they behave.

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