Friday, July 12, 2013

チェーン・ルーブ – Lubricating Chains

カーボンリムの導入に併せていくつか細部の検討もしなくてはならないと思う。例えばチェーンオイルだ。オイルが飛び散ってリムに付着すると、ブレーキの制動性能にもろ影響しかねない。ドライ系がその点では有利だろうとTaculinoを考えたが、コーティングの持続性とかきしみ音とか弱点もあるようで、結局手始めにウェット系で飛び散りも少ないと高評価のVipros Muonを使ってみることにした。Muonに不満があればTaculinoも試してみるつもりだ。

まずはチェーンの汚れ・油落としをして乾燥させなければならない。周囲を汚さず徹底した掃除には必須と言われてPark Toolのチェーン・ウォッシャーを発注したのだがまだ届いていないので、いつものように灯油で洗う。一晩干して乾燥させてみたが、チェーンの表面には黒いすすのような汚れが少し残っており、ブラッシングで汚れ落としした。


Along with the introduction of carbon wheels, some subtles issues will need to be addressed: Such as a chain oil. Some oil splashes around the frame depending on its viscosity and both the chain and the body will get really dirty after some period of running. The concern is with the rims because carbon wheels are so prone to performance deterioration when they go wet. In that sense, I thought a dry-type oil would be the choice, Taculino for example, but some negative factors such as squeaking noise and durability are reported, and I picked up a wet-type product called “Vipros Muon” to give a try.

First of all, you have to degrease and dry the chain completely before lubrication, and I was recommended Park Tool’s chain washer that I placed an order already but not yet delivered. So I used kerosene as usual. I saw some small black dusts stayed on the surface after drying the chain whole night, and I brush it up a little. It looks quite clean as in the picture. “Muon” means silent in Japanese, and it appears the chain runs smoothly and quietly after the lubrication, but the real question is how clean it stays in running.

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