Thursday, February 13, 2014

欧州格安航空券? – Are European Fights Cheap Now?

A capriciously sudden decision of travel to Portugal has been reached. It’s the story of my wife, but everything started from my conversation with a friend who asked me if we could execute the walk on St. James pilgrim road in this summer. I saw a timely advertising of cheap prices to Europe by Bristish Airways, and I immediately investigated. Well, their claim of 200-300 was excuding necessary surcharges to result merely ordinary prices in most part. Still, I found some AirFrance flights via Paris for <800 in end May which was attractive.
So my own plan is to walk in Spain first and then merge with my wife’s travel in Portugal, and I have to complete the whole thing within a month because of airticket budget while the French Way would need some 45 days departing St. Jean Pied de Port. Roughly ten days would be spent in Portugal that leaves only 20 days in Spain, and my conclusion was half-on-bike and half-on-foot from Pamplona to Santiago that would physically fit in my time schedule. BH bikes can be rented literally in Spain! Zephire as touring model cost 65 for 3 days and Speedrom road model costs almost a double although the latter would not be the right choice for the pilgrim roads.

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