Sunday, February 23, 2014


自転車や旅目的の地図閲覧にGarmin 800が欲しいとずっと思いつつ、出費が馬鹿にならないのでここまで手を出さないでiPhoneを活用してきた。今回の旅でも巡礼路のルートマップとナビをどうするか決めなくてはならないのだが、普段使っているルートラボ、DIY GPSCyclemeterなどはいずれも期待できない。理由のひとつは海外地図へのアクセスと入手性。地図があっても海外で常時ローミングして地図表示したら厖大な通話料の心配がある。そこで必要条件を整理してみると、

1.   オフライン地図を使ってGPSでの位置表示をする
2.   自分が作ったルートを地図上に表示できる
3.   8時間程度の動作維持が可能

もうひとつの懸案、電池の持ちについては、iPad miniというのがひとつの選択だろう。地図の閲覧は楽だし、10時間くらいの使用は見込める。でも僕は第1世代iPadに愛想を尽かせて手放したので、買い直す必要がある。もうひとつの選択は単純にiPhoneのままで補充電池を持参という妥協案だ。こちらは自転車での使用に有利。取り敢えず、脚が治ったらGalileo上の日本地図でテスト走行してみようと思う。

Garmin 800 has long been on my shopping list for map viewing in travels as well as bike riding, but its cots has just prevented me to date with the option of iPhone as a practical alternative. For the forthcoming trip of pilgrimage, I need to decide what to do with route maps and navigation since none of Route Lab, DIY GPS or Cyclemeter that I now use suit for the purpose. The primary reason is the availability and accessibility of overseas maps. If I keep loaming to refresh the map on display, the phone cost could be enormous outside Japan. The criteria would be something like those listed below:

1.   To display the location with GPS on a offline map
2.   Ability of showing the route I created on the map
3.   Roughly 8 hours of operating time

I did the research of IOS apps that satisfied the above requirements from the scratch again, and came across with Galileo Offline Maps. The preciseness of maps cannot rival with that of Google Maps with a quick look, but it would be sufficient for finding a specific destination in towns. The real advantage is the ability of loading GPX files on variety of available maps of the world to view routes.
As for my own particular routes, Strava site now features a new function of creating routes under the definition of cycling or walking and output them as GPX files. The rest is to load them in Galileo application.
Another concern of mine is the battery life, and one ultimate answer would be iPad that is ideal for map viewing and allows 10 hours operation time. I was actually frustrated with the first generation iPad and gave it up, and thus I need to buy the new one for this approach. Another answer is simply to stick with the current iPhone but carry an external battery, this can probably extend the operation to 5-6 hours and advantageous in bike running. I will experiment it upon the recovery of my knee using a domestic map.

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