Sunday, March 23, 2008

Japan Romantische straße - 嬬恋の道


Invited by the brilliant weather, I had a walk in Tsumagoi. It took 2 hours for about 8 kilometers from Manza-Kazawaguchi train station to Prince Land in North Karuizawa. The road is named Japan Romantische straße. The spring sun was higher in the sky to warm the ground, and the air around the farms was soft and comfortable. What a gorgeous view of mountains in distance wearing the white! Having Mt. Asama in front and Mt. Shirane in the back, this beautiful landscape would be mine, if I move to this neighborhood. I dropped in at Isuzu, a buckwheat noodle restaurant, in Uenohara for lunch. With great vegetables that you can expect in Tsumagoi area and excellent quality oil for tempura, the noodle lunch was quite enjoyable.

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