Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Zealand Wine Tasting

僕はソヴィニョン・ブランとピノを中心にいくつか試した中で、Ata Rangiが納得できるワインだった。思いがけなかったのはアサヒヤさんが出店していて、しかも楠田さん自身がそこにいたことだ。楠田さんはニュージーランドでワイン作りを始めて7年、雑誌やテレビでも取り上げられてきたのでよく知られる存在になっている。2006年のピノは先日出荷になったばかりで僕もまだ飲んでいないので、お話ししながら飲ませてもらった。これは今までよりグッと濃い印象だ。さらに自分の畑から初収穫のシラーも非常にピュアな出来に感じた。これだけで出かけた甲斐があったというものだ。

I went to ANA hotel in Roppongi for a tasting of New Zealand wines. It was said that registrations were to be limited to 400 but actually more than 500 people signed up. For the fee of 2,000 yen, we had no food, as the poor administration did not supply the sufficient cheese to bite. We saw many young people here, and particularly active were women. Probably a good sign for this market.
Among pinot and sauvignon blanc wines I tried, Ata Rangi was excellent. More surprisingly, my usual wine shop, Asahiya had a space for tasting and Mr. Kusuda himself was there from Martinborough. He settled in New Zealand 7 years ago to challenge the world-class pinot, and some magazines and TV programs reported him to gain a certain reputation. 2006 pinot has just recently been released, and Kusuda-san helped me taste it. It’s got with dense body this year in my impression. He also had Syrah with the first harvest of his own grapes that was pure and quite clean. This treat alone was definitely worth the fee.

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