Friday, July 17, 2009

ブビンガ – Bubinga


The audio rack in my listening room is hand-made and incomplete yet. For the rack boards, I used the heavy and thick bubinga. I bought a single 2-meter long, 50-cm wide wood and cut it in halves. I am very happy as the wood gives some sense of added stability. Bubinga comes from Africa whose reddish tone and fine patterns develop the placidity and reserved flamboyance. I would hope to make a dining table using bubinga if I could.
Around noon today, I went to Komachi Street of Kamakura to try Rans, a newly opened Italian restaurant. Opening the door, you will see the kitchen across an amazing counter top of bubinga that runs 5 or 6 meters. This 5-inch thick solid wood fit there modestly with dignity. As I sat there, bubinga’s smooth surface suggested me that the same texture would be possible with my audio boards through a fine sanding patiently.

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