Monday, July 27, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens – モンエリ3D


I went to Yokohama 109 Cinemas to experience Xpand 3D. The 3D glasses that I got at the entrance looked apparently having gone through the cleaning process but the lens surface was not polished, so I used my lens cloth to wipe them. I could not polish it to my satisfaction though. There was another guy who requested the theater personnel to change the glasses with cleaner one. Xpand 3D glasses seemed reasonable with little surface reflections and also they fit relatively well despite heavy, active structure.
With the 2D trailers, the flicker was noticeably annoying, but 3D movie did not have such essential flaws except somewhat compromised brightness and the tone of colors looked slightly affected.
Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks seriously promotes 3D movies, and this “Monsters vs Aliens” was indeed very well done without pursuing excessive dimensional effects but trying to make it more natural and fun. The movie deserves the similar level of success as “Chicken Little”.

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